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There is no other place in the world like Rome: the remains of the mighty Roman Empire; the food and wine culture; the laid back enjoyment of life; the Pope surrounded by hundreds of churches and religious symbols; the palaces, squares, and fountains designed by Michelangelo, Bernini and other masters of Renassaince and Baroque; the sumptuous boutiques of Gucci and Bulgari together with the little shops where artisans are still creating hand made crafts… Rome Urban Adventures invites you to discover all this and even more with one of its specially designed Rome tours.

Come live the experience of Rome with Urban Adventures! Learn about our culture, see the main sights, meet the locals, discover the history, and taste the flavours, all in the company of our friendly and professional local guides on one of our Rome tours.

Roman Dolce Vita tour in Rome Roman Dolce Vita
from 5 reviews
From EUR 55.00

Sick of ending up at the worst food spots in town? Join this Rome tour and be led to the best espresso and gelato in town. Oh, and we'll show you the Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, and a few other secret spots too.


Trastevere: Trends & Tradition tour in Rome Trastevere: Trends and Tradition
from 2 reviews
From EUR 55.00

Don't waste time getting lost in the confusing, winding alleys of Trastevere. Instead, join this Rome tour and get lost in the beauty of this old-meets-new area, home to ancient art, reknown bakeries and worship-worthy sorbet.


Ancient Rome: Archaeological Discovery Tour Ancient Rome: Archaeological Discovery Tour
from 4 reviews
From EUR 85.00

Ancient Rome was brutal - death, illness, and torture awaited most. Luckily we live in 'the future', a time where we can savour the good bits: the architecture, tales, art, and history. Do this (and more) on this Rome tour, which finishes with a customary vino in a Roman bar. How civilized!


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Christmas Season Celebrations
Place: Rome - [ 08/12/2014 - 31/12/2014 ]

Christmas season celebrations.

Epiphany Celebrations
Place: Rome - [ 06/01/2015 ]

Celebration of the Epiphany, popularly called Befana.

Rome Marathon
Place: Rome - [ 23/03/2015 ]

Join the run through thousands year old ruins.

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Mr. Björn S.

20 Oct 2013
Vanessa was a fantastic guide, lively presenting the sights. It was so much more insightful to have a tour than just seeing the ruins on our own.
Ms. E Ruth A.
18 Oct 2013
We were very impressed with Margherita's knowledge and enthusiasm......she showed us nooks and crannies of Trastevere- plus the history and respect was unmistakable....
Mrs. Lisa C.
09 Oct 2013
Thank you for a brilliant tour. I was so excited to see Margarita again. I did this tour with her two years ago with my sisters and booked it again this time with my husband. I did not know we would have Margarita as our guide again, but was so please we did. Her enthusiasm, knowledge and love for her city is contagious. We both look forward to returning to Rome and would love to see Margarita again. We saw many places we had previously only read about and learnt so much of the history of this amazing city. Thank you. Thank you.
Ms. Moa H.
New Zealand
02 Sep 2013
Our guide Allessio was excellent. The tour was personalised. He was soo knowledgeable and passionate about his City...We were really impressed by him. Allessio also went out of his way to show us the best place to dine etc. We also saw Allesio with another guide group the next day and he came over and said hello to us!
Mr. Eric C.
02 Sep 2013
Our guide was very informative, helpful and friendly.
Ms. Alana D.
16 Jul 2013
The tour was great! Valentina our guide was knowledgeable and friendly. The group was just my partner, Mum and me which was amazing and we got to skip the lines because technically we were a tour group. Valentina really made the history of the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Ancient Market Place come alive!
Mrs. Lissete D.
Virgin Islands US
21 Oct 2012
Absolutely great time with Giulia on our tour of Trastevere. Vey knowledgeable & informative. she was also very helpful with tips for the rest of our trip. We felt like we were touring with a friend!
Mr. Anthony R.
20 Oct 2012
Very good tour
Mr. Cathrin T.
07 Apr 2012
Our guide was Mrs Vanessa Zubboli. She was a very competent and friendly guide. We enjoyed our tour very much, got excellent informations and rember it in a very special way. Thanks a lot Cathrin Tönnies
Ms. Margaret C.

01 Oct 2011
Vanessa is an enthusiastic and knowledgable guide and we loved it. She made ancient history come alive.

The Rome Urban Adventures Team

Have a unique experience that is much more than seeing the Colosseum and other famous sites. With our unique Rome tours you will also discover local markets, local people and hidden gems. Come and experience Rome like a local with the Rome Urban Adventures team!


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